My First Post from the 21st Century

June 5, 2007 at 8:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

palm tree 

Greetings! You’re a brave one, bearing witness to my foray into the world of blogging.

In return for dropping by, please treat yourself with a visit to these fine blogs authored by experienced hands.  I think both are easy to navigate and distinguished by distinctive and appealing tone, content, and visual presence.  Let me know what you think about them by sharing a comment.

  • LA Observed is an online journal about LA media edited by Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Kevin Roderick.  I think it’s an excellent example of an editorial and community-based blog and indispensable for those seeking regional news and information to supplement or substitute their subscription to the Los Angeles Times.

  • Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is the journal of Ree, “a ranch wife, mother of four, and moderately agoraphobic middle child.”  Ree is “plowing through life one calf nut at a time,” and she’s posted the (graphic) photos to prove it.  Her posts include lots of other photos and stories depicting life on the ranch and with her family. If you’re not afraid of butter and looking for comfort-food to feed the family, you’ll want to check out her recipes.  Consider the Marlboro Man Sandwich, The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever., and Chicken Spaghetti.  Some may find a few of Ree’s posts coarse or unkind.  For example, I don’t like some of the content she shares about her mentally retarded brother.  Nevertheless, hers is a fascinating example of a personal blog.  With writing, images, and design that are sassy and stylish, Ree conveys a vivid picture of her life as a contemporary country housewife.



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  1. Great start to your blog! Can’t wait to see you post some more!

  2. Hi,
    Does your experience as an <del datetime=”2007-06-14T01:33:17+00:00″>former </del>administrative analyst <del datetime=”2007-06-14T01:33:17+00:00″>for the Information Technology division of Cal State Northridge</del>, researcher <del datetime=”2007-06-14T01:33:17+00:00″>for the LA Times</del>, research editor <del datetime=”2007-06-14T01:33:17+00:00″>Bon Appetit magazine</del>, and knowledge manager for the company that developed the software for my SJSU help you while trying to master RSS feeds and blogs? I know you have, before taking the blogs class, been strictly an RSS reader; however, as I newbie to all things in the blogesphere, I’m feeling very overwhelmed by all that’s available. I’m wondering if it results from my extreme inexperience or if others (even techies like yourself) require a certain amount of ‘playtime’ with the blog tools/technology before becoming more confident and knowledgeable of possibilities. Also, please know that I have added your blog to my blogroll; if you would prefer I did not, you can advise HungarianLibrarian and I will omit 21st from the list (of course, I’ll still subcribe you in Bloglines : )!!!) What have you found to be a real treasure today?
    Hi Chris,
    I’m no techie, but I’ve worked for several years as a non-technical member of technical teams, developing documentation, training, and marketing materials.
    I think this experience helps me to pace myself, accept my limitations (for example, I’m not a coder), and set modest expectations as I learn to use new technology tools. If I have unlimited time and access to superb instruction and instructional materials for a tool, I’ll challenge myself to go as far and as fast as I can go. If I have limited support and no deadline, I’ll slooow down and take lots of time to build my skill set. If I must deliver a work or school assignment on deadline using a technology tool that’s new to me, I’ll use the resources available and focus on producing a deliverable that meets the assignment requirements at a sufficient level. Here, my aim is to demonstrate good, fundamental use and application of a technology tool. In these situations, I may try a little something twinkly with a new tech tool, but if I aim to dazzle, it’ll fizzle.

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